About Us

Soulstone Foundation is a non governmental  Organization  which aims at tapping , developing and nurturing talents in arts, sports  and culture and to respond to the need for further development & promotion of Culture, Sports & Arts. Our sole initiative is dedicated to target the youth who have various talents & skills in the marginalized & rural areas of Kenya where there are many talents that are never realized due to cultural perception & exposure.

This in the long run improves them for entertainment & career purposes locally & internationally thus developing them socially and materially, which they may not be able to achieve without any assistance from concerned Kenyan citizens like Soulstone Foundation.

>We have specialized in an African acrobatic show, African traditional entertainment instruments, and dances ranging from African traditional to modern African cabaret, themed choreography & sports. Soulstone Foundation has been in the field for sometime now & has managed to put in place & train several acrobatic groups. Others are still training under able hands of  the trainers who have gotten their knowledge through the collaboration of  Kenya China 1 year training program me.
All of the above are on various professional & career stages.

We’ve got dancers both traditional & cabaret doing their rehearsal & attaining their training under Soulstone Foundation.
On sports at the moment, we have  athletes of various tracks & outdoor races who have been training & competing locally. The Soulstone Foundation is very ready to further our young talented boys & girls’ careers.

Under Soulstone foundation we have two u-15 football teams fully registered with Football Kenya Federation (FKF); Soulstone Super Juniors Fc and Rhino Charge Fc.

Soulstone Foundation realizes the need to have a diversified entertainment strategy, one that can provide a variety to the client & leave them satisfied.

Train the youth to perfect their skills and talents through class practice taught by professionals who have been in the field for quite some time now. Our teams have performed in Africa & around the world e.g. Taiwan, China , Great Britain, Korea, Middle & Far East. 

Soulstone foundation aims at having an arts and sports academy in collaboration with the ministry of education and follow the curriculum of the current education system.

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